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Art Primo

This deal contains;
  • Derwent Graphic Pencils, Soft, Metal Tin, 12 Count (9B-H)
  • Derwent Charcoal Pencil Dark (2 Pcs)
  • Derwent White Charcoal Pencil (1 Pcs)
  • Derwent Dual Eraser Pack
  • Canson A4 Sketch Book
  • Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Pen (2.3 mm diameter)
  • Kuelox Fixative Spray 300 ml

Deli Graphite Pencil HB with Eraser Box of 12

Specification: φ8×188mm Material: Poplar, graphite, clay Spec.1: Triangular Barrel; Degree: HB Spec.2: Pre-sharpened Spec.3: TPR eraser Color: Black

Deli Graphite Pencil HB With Eraser Box of 12 EU20000

Specification: φ8×188mm Material: Poplar, graphite, clay Spec.1: Hexagonal Barrel Spec.2: Pre-sharpened Spec.3: TPR eraser Color: Dark blue

Derwent Charcoal Pencil Dark

Mixed with the finest clays and encased in wood to produce a rich smoothly textured pencil Wide 4mm core in

Derwent Charcoal Set

Often used for life studies charcoal is considered very traditional. Encase it in wood and suddenly you have something much more contemporary - Derwent Charcoal Pencils! They will give you great control over your drawings but keep all those traditional charcoal effects that you love, with less mess!

Derwent Graphic Pencils 24 Tin

A good graphite drawing starts with a good graphite pencil! With Derwent Graphic you’ve got a wide choice of degrees from a fine and crisp 9H to soft and smudgy 9B, so whether you are doing fine detailed illustrations or adding shading and texture to your drawing we’ve got the right pencil for you!

Derwent Graphitint Coloured Soluble Graphite Pencils

Wow! Graphite and colour in one pencil, how surprising is that? You’ll be amazed at what happens when you add water to Derwent Graphitint, it just explodes into colour! You get a delicious element of graphite ‘blackness’ to your drawings with just a hint of colour.

Derwent Pastels “Grey Shades” Pack of 6

Blocks have a creamy consistency and smudge easily with uniform softness Firm consistent texture produces minimal dusting Square shape is

Derwent Set Of 6 Tinted Charcoal Pencils

  • Produced in a full range of 20 degrees from 9B to 9H
  • Pencils are sturdy, and the graphite is even
  • Strips sharpen to a good long-lasting point
  • Superb blending and smudging
  • 12 count set includes a thoughtful range of soft pencils
  • Includes Tin Storage Case

Derwent Sketching Collection Tin Pack of 12

Let your imagination run wild with these wonderful Sketching Collections! Mix it up with Derwent Drawing, Watersoluble Sketching and Graphic pencils, add a dash of Derwent Natural Graphite and Compressed Charcoal Blocks and hey presto.

Derwent White Charcoal Pencil

Great for nature studies, landscapes, seascapes and wildlife drawing, plus traditional portraits in the styles of the old masters. These

Derwent XL Charcoal 6 Tin

Charcoal just got bigger and more beautiful! These blocks have all the qualities of charcoal that you love, in a chunky XL form, combine that with rich natural colours and what have you got? – An artist’s dream!

Derwent XL Charcoal Black

Charcoal just got bigger & more beautiful! These blocks have all the qualities of charcoal that you love, in a

Derwent XL Graphite Blocks, Metal Tin, 6 Count

Everything about Derwent XL Graphite is big; big blocks and even bigger possibilities. You will find you can create a wide variety of textures and effects with these generous graphite blocks; subtle blending, fine lines and deep tonal work are all possible.

Faber Castell 9000 Graphite Pencil

  • Top quality for writing, drawing and sketching
  • With environmentally-friendly water-based varnish
  • Break-resistant lead due to secural bonding process (SV)