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Lascaux Sirius Acryl (Acrylic Color) Ultramarine 30 ml

Sirius paints are of utmost purity and intensity, encompassing the entire colour spectrum. They allow an effortless means of mixing an exten- sive range of harmonious colours – more than 78 000 hues. Luminosity and purity of the colours are retained when lightening with Sirius White or darkening with Sirius Black. -Base Consist of pure, lightfast pigments and an age- resistant acrylic binder. -Properties • highly concentrated, luminous, pure and etremely buttery, semi-transparent colours • dry to a deep matt finish and are water-resistant • more opaque than the Sirius Watercolours • can be diluted with water or Sirius Acryl Medium. Using Sirius Acryl Medium increases the film strength which is recommended when extensively diluted or when using numerous layers of paint (over-painting) Applications • applicable to almost all porous and non-greasy materials • appropriate for various painting techniques, including airbrush and silkscreen printing • mixes with all Lascaux acrylic painting mediums, e.g., Medium and Impasto Gel (glossy or matt) • the velvety surfaces of exposed works should be protected with a varnish. In outdoor settings, coat with Acryl Transparent Varnish UV

Lascaux Studio Acrylic Colour

Lascaux Studio Original is the highly concentrated, intense and completely versatlie premium artists’ colour suitable for all painting techniques. Lascaux