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Winsor & Newton Artist Gloss Varnish 75 ml for Oil Paint

A superior quality UV resistant artists’ gloss varnish removable with Artists’ White Spirit or Distilled Turpentine.Quick drying. Non-yellowing. Does not

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic Gloss Gel 60 ml

This medium increases transparency, depth and gloss of colour and maintains the thickness of the colour keeping good brush stroke

Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Wooden Box Set

This beautifully finished set offers a selection of calligraphy and drawing items in an attractive wooden box, with space for

Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush Series 111

For fine detail, lines and washes. A traditional and popular head shape for all-purpose watercolour work. Can be used for

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours Sketcher’s Pocket Box of 12 Half Pans

Contains 1 x Pocket brush • 12 x Cotman Watercolour half pans: Lemon Yellow • Cadmium Yellow • Cadmium Red Pale Hue • Crimson Alizarin • Ultramarine • Intense Blue • Emerald Green • Sap Green • Yellow Ochre • Burnt Sienna • Burnt Umber • China White

Winsor & Newton Galeria Gloss Varnish 75 ml

A unique removable gloss varnish for the protection of finished artwork. This product can also be mixed with Galeria Matt

Winsor & Newton Galeria Matt Varnish 75 ml

A unique removable matt varnish which may be mixed with Galeria Gloss Varnish to vary the final finish.

Winsor & Newton Japan Gold 75 ml for Oil Color

A dark, thin liquid, which acts as a quick drying adhesive for use when gilding. Can also be used as a non removable exterior varnish.- For surface sealing ideal leaf metal- Jar containing 75 ml

Winsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail 75 ml

  • Speeds drying (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on colour & film thickness).
  • resists Yellowing.
  • Not suitable as a varnish or final coat.

Winsor & Newton Professional Gloss Varnish 400 ml

A fine clear, non-yellowing varnish with a gloss finish for the protection of oil, alkyd and acrylic paintings. 2525

Winsor & Newton Series 16 Sable Brush No 5

The world’s finest watercolour brush Handmade in England from Kolinsky Sable hair Superior control Superior colour flow